Miru Sziklai joins United Music

United Music is extremely happy to announce that today, August 26, 2021, Miru Sziklai joined our label.

Miru Sziklai is a singer from Timișoara (Romania). She started singing when she was 13 years old and never stopped since then.

Formed within the artist development program at ARTonic Productions, she has trained artistically with Ovidiu “Dodo” Moldovan and ALTHEYA (AVA Timișoara). They kept her on track, inspired her and helped her with all of her music projects such as: music covers, personal songs and prepared her for “Superstar”, the Romanian version of American Idol, which will be airing on fall 2021.

“Music speaks through me when words fail. I have all this emotion running through me, and this is exactly how I know best to express it. Through ups and downs, I fell in love with what I do. When I sing, people can take a real peek at who I am. I can feel myself growing every day and I am more than excited to push myself beyond every single limitation. I love taking all the filters off and not being scared of letting people see right through me. There’s love and there’s music. And I’m sure they’re exactly the same thing!”

— Miru Sziklai

Welcome Miru to United Music!