Daniel Tudor joins United Music

United Music is extremely happy to announce that today, August 17, 2021, Daniel Tudor joined our label.

Daniel Tudor is a Rapper/Singer/Songwriter born and based in Timișoara. Always having a passion for music ever since he was a child, he only truly explored it in his teenage years, when he first got inspired by the popular game series Guitar Hero.

After trying out guitar, he felt he didn’t have the patience and discipline to learn it properly so he turned to singing, starting out as only a shy, inexperienced teen attending karaoke nights throughout Timișoara.

Slowly but surely he trained himself through these karaoke nights, and discovered that he had a knack for vocal performance.

Mostly singing rock and metal, throughout the years he discovered that one of his other passions, the english language, gave him a significant edge in a new musical avenue that he was exploring: hip-hop and rapping.

After an extended period and years of karaoke he finally transitioned into songwriting and doing gigs, starting steadily and growing.

Thanks Daniel for joining United Music!