August 25, 2021
Band, Songwriter
United Music

The band Monokrom, sometimes abbreviated as MNK, was established in Timișoara in 2016. Monokrom plays a fusion of Punk Rock with elements from the alternative music, therefore the band plays it’s own genre which they call Alt-Punk.

Band’s discography may vary from really hyped, energetic tunes, to songs that are more melancholic with a strong alternative kind of instrumental. The lyrics are often meaningful and emotional, and they are based on the romanced every-day things that happen in the lives of the band members.

Monokrom consist of lead singer and guitar player (Sebastian Ursache) drummer (Răzvan Muthi), bassist (Darius Zelenco) and lead guitar (Vinter Marco).

The band has played in some of the greatest local festivals and held gigs with big names from the Romanian rock scene; in the fall of 2020, they released their first album called “Sirene de ambulanță”.