Lia Burg

August 12, 2021
Singer, Songwriter
United Music

Lia Burg is a Singer/Songwriter and Busker born and based in Timișoara (Romania). She started singing as soon as she could speak and drew inspiration from anything she heard in her early years, later on listening to many genres ranging from Punk – Pop and Alternative Rock to Indie, Blues, Folk and Country. She went through many stages of development through the years and currently found a comfortable spot in the Country Music scene, which she wants to help grow in popularity in her own country. She first picked up the guitar when she was 12 years old, in 2007, and she thought herself how to play it out of a desire to be able to make music by herself and have fun, and it turned out to become way more than just that. In 2011, she started busking in her hometown and quickly found a strong passion for the freedom it provided her. Although it is not exactly an easy job, and especially not then (since in Timișoara this kind of act was seen as a form of begging and not really a performative act) she stuck to it to this day, through the years also busking in other Romanian cities and London, Segovia and Prague. She has been an active voice when it comes to Romanian busking and is constantly trying to find ways to improve it and to bring awareness to the kinds of problems a busker might face in Romania. She started having small gigs in pubs in 2012 and that has become her job over the years. She also started writing her own songs (both lyrics and melody) and she is currently working on her debut album, drawing inspiration from country music artists like Ashley McBryde, Caylee Hammack or Brandi Carlile.

I could never do anything else. Trust me, I’ve tried and it didn’t work. I never felt more liberated than when I took the conscious decision to make music my full time job. And things just started to fall into place since then. I’m just doing what I love most and having fun while doing it and I think it shows – people seem to enjoy it and to feel heard and understood through my songwriting and that’s all I could’ve hoped for. I’m taking my heartbreak, putting it down on paper and in doing so, I’m both healing myself and others who have gone through similar stuff. I think it’s a blessing, but also a big responsibility. — Lia Burg