Diana Ivan

August 26, 2021
Singer, Songwriter
United Music

Diana Ivan is a singer born and based in Timișoara. Despite her young age, Diana has already made a name for herself, recording her first single and music video, and is already working on an debut album together with Ovidiu Dodo Moldovan at ARTonic Productions (Timișoara).

Besides this, she has already conquered different stages and music-contests all around the country. Coming to any live-stage with a vast amount of experience and confidence, Diana can present herself with a catchy repertoire of original material and covers reinterpreted and performed in her own unique way.

Currently she is continuing to pursue her passion by singing, composing and recording music, and she is always searching for opportunities to perform live, because as she says:

Nothing compares to the feeling and adrenaline that comes from performing in front of a live-audience.

— Diana Ivan