Benson Joel Mixtapes

August 16, 2021
Band, Songwriter
United Music

Benson Joel is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer & Composer born in Bangalore (India). He was passionate about music since an early age. He grew up with the influences of Gospel Music and had a secret desire to be a musician someday playing some or any instrument.

At the age of 17, after high school, he moved to Romania to purse education in Medicine. He finished Medical School during which he performed with different Church Bands and growing his skills playing different instruments like Piano, Bass, Drums & Percussions. After Medical School, he decided to perform at small gigs, local bars & restaurants in Timișoara during the weekends. And this got his deep desire for music to grow exponentially. He started desiring to persuade after music as a full time job.

Since 2018, after his appearance at “The Voice of Romania” – other than the live performances – he focused his attention towards the production department, where his interests spiked. Since then he has been helping different local bands in production and also producing his own songs.

Being a Singer and Songwriter he is currently working on an album that showcases his personal journey so far, and he is also working on an instrumental album (Orchestral Programming) that started as parables which he says is the soundtrack of different ideas that captures his attention both musically & spiritually.

As a Composer, he now has participated in different Scoring competitions and hopes to move forward in this field of being able to compose day in and day out.

About live performances, he performs as a solo artist and also with a band. He currently performs with Paul D. and other musicians (Mixtapes), with a fusion of different genre types, but with an acoustic sensuality of a bright percussive strumming guitar.

He currently has put a hold on Medicine to pursue his desire and passion for music. He hopes to combine his medical field and musical field in research, someday. He works as a photographer and videographer (content creator) for Sound Creation ( and is working his way to share his love for creativity. BTW, he is currently residing in Timișoara (Romania).

Once, someone told me that I don’t have an interesting story. I believe that was the day my story began. And I am waiting and working to share this musical story with you.

— Benson Joel